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About Harrow Chinese School Dance Group

Harrow Chinese School Dance Group was started over 20 years ago, by experienced teacher and choreographer Ms Iris Tse. They have performed extensively across London at Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival events in venues such as at Chinatown, Trafalgar Square, Victoria & Albert Museum, Docklands Museum of London and Watford Palace Theatre.

Junior Dance class is suitable for 6 years onwards, and Senior Dance class is suitable for 11 years onwards. We accept application at beginning of each term in September, January and April.

Senior Dance Class

1:00 - 2:00pm every Saturday

Led by Lydia Zhang

Junior Dance Class

2:00 - 3:00pm every Saturday

Led by Nicole Wan









Our Founder and Director​​​

Ms Iris Tse【謝潔玉老師】 started learning Chinese dance in Hong Kong at the age of 12 and was a founding member of the Lan Ling Dance Troupe 【藍鈴舞蹈團】in Hong Kong, after having joined Lan Ling Dance School 【藍鈴舞蹈學校】at age 15 years old. She was also previously taught dance by teachers from the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy and Guangzhou Dance School. She was also a frequent winner at the Hong Kong Dance Festival【香港舞蹈節】.


Ms Iris Tse came to London in 1987, where she was a student of the widely-acclaimed first-class dancer Madam Ailian Dai 【戴愛蓮女士中國一級舞蹈家】, also known as "The Mother of Modern Chinese Dance" and previously the vice president of both the International Dance Council - UNESCO and the China Dancers Association, Beijing. In 1989, Ms Iris Tse helped Madam Ailian Dai found the London based Chinese Cultural Centre Dance Company【中華文化中心舞蹈團】, the first Chinese Dance troupe in the UK. She worked there as a teacher, performer and choreographer at the Chinese Cultural Centre where she organised performances with the Chinese Music Ensemble all over the UK.


In 2001, the Chinese Cultural Centre gained support to teach Chinese dance to the local community and thus began Harrow Chinese School Dance Group.

Ms Iris Tse is a qualified teacher certified by the Beijing Dance Academy's External Graded Examinations【北京舞蹈學院中國舞校外分级考試課程】 since 1991.

Term Dates 2023-2024
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